Friday, September 26, 2008


Today, I wore a black t-shirt that is "bedazzled" with the word "hope." It is a shirt I purchased from St. Jude's Children's Hospital, in honor of our friend, Mary-Kate, who died of brain cancer at age ten. She did not go to St. Jude's for treatment, but I thought it was still appropriate since they do so much research and treatment of children's cancers.

Later today, when I dropped CJ off to school, I realized there may have been more to my choice of shirts. A little girl, four years old, died this morning of brain cancer. The same brain cancer that Mary-Kate had. What a sad day. I do not know this family since the little girl was in the other same aged class than CJ, but my heart aches for them. I have witnessed the heartbreak of losing a child. And though I have no idea what those parents are experiencing, I know what that pain looks like. I have seen it first hand and it is unimaginable. I HOPE (there's that word) they have some of the same experiences my friends had - beyond the pain they were thankful. Thankful for their family and friends and even strangers who stepped up to help, for their faith, for the grace bestowed upon them, for each other. They were thankful for having Mary-Kate for the short time they did. They are thankful for the healing that takes place, even if in small amounts at a time. I HOPE this family, during their grief and suffering, can find some peace. I HOPE there will one day be a cure for this awful disease.

It feels odd to me that yesterday I took a meal to a friend who had a baby. And on Monday, I will be taking food to church for the post funeral reception for a family who just said goodbye to theirs.

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