Saturday, September 6, 2008

Got hope? again...

I ventured out in my "Got hope?" shirt again today. I only got one angry look. Of course, my response was to smile. Who knows, maybe it had nothing to do with my shirt and everything to do with her having a bad day. If that's the case, my smile may have cheered her up a bit.

Other t-shirts that were predominant in our grocery store? Lots of Bengals t-shirts, sometimes entire families dressed in them. A few Cleveland Browns shirts. I am not sure why ANYONE would wear a Bengals shirt or even support this team that is filled with God awful, ill-behaved, criminal, many of them convicted, players. And then to have your children support them. I do believe my Obama t-shirt is way less controversial than those stupid Bengals shirts.

Unfortunately, I can't find the internet photo from a few years ago that was a Bengals team photo, which showed the team looking all nice, IN A PRISON YARD. Yes, it was a photoshopped job to create a joke, but it definitely had a lot of truth to it, which made it funny!

Bengals Prison Jokes

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