Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breakfast of Champions

Some days, my eating is just out of whack. It is magnified when my husband is out of town because I like things that are different than my kids, but don't necessarily want to cook a big meal for one. So it's been fast food, pizza and snacking. Today, for example, it's almost 1:00 EST and I have had a coke, a glazed doughnut (CJ and I went grocery shopping!) and a Lexapro. Yum. Meanwhile, my hubby is eating yummy cajun foods and hooking up with our neighbor who will be at the same facility for work. They will be dining out and drinking it up and having a great time! They jokingly said they were going to stay out all night and catch the 6:00am flight home. I am not 100% sure they were joking.

PS - if you read this blog on a regular basis, can you leave me a comment - something to the tune of "I'm out here!"? You can leave it anonymously, if you want. You can even leave a nice compliment or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism (emphasis on constructive, please!), if you'd like. Thanks!

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