Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bag lady

Really, I was without the official bags of a bag lady, but I went for a walk this morning with CJ. If I had had some bags, I probably would have been picked up by the police for loitering. I actually went for a walk through our neighborhood in my pajamas, slippers, uncombed hair, unbrushed teeth and a coffee mug with iced tea in it. CJ whizzed along on his scooter. Thankfully, the only people we saw were contractors doing work on some of the wind damaged homes.

Speaking of bag ladies, if the banking situation does not get worked out, I may become one. I am glad I did not increase our monthly contributions to our childrens' college funds recently, as I had planned. I am thinking I may just take the money from here on out and bury it in a deep hole in the back yard. That would probably be safer and the money would be less likely to lose its value.

Personally, I liked Whoopi Goldberg's idea. She suggested instead of bailing out the banks, and therefore creating even more debt for our government, ie: us taxpayers, that the government forgive 1/2 of everyone's home mortgage, thereby creating more spending money for Americans, thus, resulting in more money being spent into our economy.

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