Monday, August 4, 2008

Wishing Well

There is a house near ours that has a wishing well. CJ wanted to stop by it to make a wish. I explained we did not know the people and we would not trespass onto their property. The house is off of a busy road and not in a neighborhood like where we live. So today he asked if we could go to the wishing well again. I explained again we can't stop, but I told him he could make his wish as we drove by. Here is our conversation:

"Can we drive by the wishing well?"
"Yes. You can make a wish as we drive by since we can't stop at it."
"How do I make a wish?"
"You make the wish in your thoughts."
"I don't know how to do that."
"OK then, say it out loud as we drive by and then blow your wish into the well with a kiss. What is your wish?"
"For a purple and pink train."
"OK, then say that as we drive by."
"OK, but you blow the kiss."

Well, I wasn't 100% sure where the wishing well was, and sure enough, we drove by it too fast and he missed his chance. I promised to drive by and slow down on the way home, which I did. I also asked him how he knew about a wishing well.
"On Spongebob, there was one behind the Krabby Patty and they made wishes and threw in a penny. Sandy wished for a telescope."
"Will I get my wish?"
"Maybe for your birthday. Have you seen any pink or purple trains?"
"No, just red."

Then we drove by the wishing well and I slowed down enough for him to shout:"I wish for a pink and purple train!" And I blew the kiss.

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