Friday, August 22, 2008

Small world

Yesterday, Big E received his first donation for his fundraising for the walk we are doing for Children's Hospital and Team MK. The donor only left the name Tanna E. It took me a second to think about who this "mystery" person was. It came to me fairly quickly. When Big E was in daycare, he had a teacher named Tanna and her last name did indeed begin with an E. When Big E was a little older, she left the daycare. Once I quit work and went to massage therapy school, Big E would go to her house twice a week so I could study. After that, we lost touch and I had heard she had moved out of state. I had many thoughts after seeing her donation: How did she find his website? How did she know he was walking for MK? Where is she now? Thankfully, the donation site keeps e-mails and I was able to e-mail her. It was so nice to hear from someone from our past - someone who took such good care of Big E. He adored her and when I talked to him last night about her donation, he said he remembers going to her house. He was only about two+ years old, but he said he remembers and I think he does. I could tell by the look on his face. She found us through my blog. After seeing the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show with the family that had multiple family members with Chiari Malformation (same condition as myself), she googled chiari malformation and my name. My blog came up and she has been reading ever since, but I didn't know until now! It is indeed a small world. It's also a reminder that so much is possible in this age of technology.

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