Thursday, August 28, 2008


Did you know that is one word? I definitely thought it was two, but I looked it up. Anyway, I always know when my brain is cluttered with exhaustion, feeling overwhelmed, disorganization, confusion, boredom. If I didn't know it on the inside, the state of my house during these times would definitely give it away. It's a PIGSTY (one word). The bathrooms are gross, the kitchen counter is covered with junk (and that is one of my pet peeves), the TV room has crap everywhere and I haven't even ventured into the basement. My husband and kids, mostly my husband, straightened the basement over the weekend, though, so it's probably ok. There's dust everywhere, my floors need a desperate scrubbing, our carpets need to be cleaned, the baseboards are covered in muck and our furniture is filthy. Our yard is so out of control it has to be killed off and redone. They call that "lawn renovation." That will mainly be my husband's job and can't be done until fall. However, I have a feeling it will not get done at all unless a lot of nagging gets done by me. And what am I doing about all of this? Nothing. I have it on my schedule to clean tomorrow. But, in the words of ANNIE, tomorrow is "always a day away!" No really, I do need to at least get it under control. I have a friend's son coming over on Friday to spend some time with CJ and I while his mom volunteers at school and I would prefer he not go home and tell his mom our bathroom smells like an outhouse (also one word).

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