Friday, August 8, 2008

My job

I really do like being a massage therapist. Yes, there are many times where I wish I didn't have to go to work. You would think since I typically work only three hours a week and sometimes maybe six hours a week, I would not think that. But I do. There are also days where I hope I have no clients so I can just sit for three hours and read my book. However, once I get there and see my clients, I enjoy my work the majority of the time. Sometimes I'll get a client that I just don't click with for whatever reason and I am glad when the session ends. Then there are those times when I have a client like I did last night. I have worked on her husband in the past and last night she scheduled with me. She was very sweet and easy to work with - overall relaxation massage, no need for 100% deep tissue work, which is HARD WORK and no complicated medical history. I was working on her neck and came across a knot. She winced every time I massaged over it. I am not even sure she knew it was there before the massage started. I worked on it and then did a trigger point release and it melted away. I LOVE that feeling. With her, it was like a little rock was caught in her muscle - hard and round. When it melts away, it feels like the rock and the rest of the muscle turn to pudding. It's SO COOL! I think she was surprised because she said, "oh, it feels a little better." Then I went back to the actual massage part and she was all "Oh my god, it doesn't hurt anymore. It really doesn't hurt anymore. Not at all. How did you do that? The pain is totally gone." All I could think was "cool, my work here is done!"

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