Monday, August 11, 2008

Medication is a good thing!

We were in Pittsburgh for the weekend. We always comment how much we love Pittsburgh whenever we are there. It is more "European" than any American city I have been in in the way it looks and feels. It's old and run down in some areas and other areas are old and being refurbished but most areas are a combination of both. It's hilly and green (during the summer), the traffic and the roads are wacky, they have great public transportation with the train/subway.

Anyway, I was getting ready on Sunday morning and Motorcycle Guy came into the bathroom to wash his hands or brush his teeth or something that he needed the sink and water for. While he was using the sink, I also needed the sink to wash my hands, so I was next to him waiting, with my hands out a little. When he finished, he turned off the water, knowing I was waiting. He chuckled a little when he did it. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Are you laughing because you turned off the water when I needed it next?"
Motorccyle Guy: "Yes."
Me: "Are you laughing because you did it on purpose?"
Motorcycle Guy: "Yes."
Me: basically, no response.
Motorcycle Guy, chuckling again: "I wanted to see your reaction."
Me: "I'm medicated now. That shit doesn't bother me."

Then we both chuckled.

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