Friday, August 22, 2008

Hair removal

The other day, I decided it was time for some upper lip hair removal. I have used a variety of products, but thought I would try something new. I was at the local drug store checking out all of the hair removal products - waxes, bleaching (not really removal, but more like disguising), creams. I then came across a box for a Brazilian bikini hair removal kit. Why anyone would want to try this at home is more than I can wrap my brain around. Of course, I was intrigued and had to check it out. It was for a hair removal cream and not a wax, but what made this product so different that they called it a Brazilian bikini kit? Well, the hair removal cream was a large tub of stuff instead of the small tube you need for facial hair, there is an applicator of some kind and some small scissors. Ok, I can see needing all of that. And then I saw it, the true reason they could call this the Brazilian bikini hair removal kit - the mirror. I had to start laughing right there in the store. They actually included a mirror, just in case you don't have one, so you can view your v-jay-jay and your asshole to make sure all the "coarse hair" is removed. I personally think a wax at a salon sounds better - it's quick and someone else gets to check out your asshole. I can't imagine having to find a place to sit? stand? lie down? while I am waiting around for 8 minutes with hair removal cream in my crotch and ass to activate and do it's thang (yes, I meant to type thang). By the way, they make the Brazilian hair removal cream for the lip/chin and face. That is what I used. I apparently have some tough hair as it took the entire 8 minutes for the hair to separate from the skin successfully, but it did work. I do question their definition of the "vanilla scent" of the cream though. It really smelled nothing like vanilla. And I would know, it was right under my nose!

I also got my hair cut (nothing too different, but it is shorter) and am letting my eyebrows grow in again. I am on a hair makoever!

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