Thursday, August 14, 2008

"You're gray and I'm moving to Guam!"

A week or two ago, my best friend, Lora, and I were on the phone. It was one of our daily, sometimes multiple daily, conversations about stuff, usually nothing. She was telling me about their chances of moving to Guam and I was lamenting about my "90% gray" issue that my hair stylist pointed out. She summed up the conversation with "You're gray and I moving to Guam." I told her if she did indeed end up moving to Guam I was going to use that sentence as a blog title. So here it is. She confirmed today her family is moving to Guam for three years. There is a possibility it will be less, but she's not holding her breath.Personally, I think Guam is a little too far. And a little too remote. But no one asked me. I've always believed the government was out to get me, and now I have proof. Lora and I have had a long distance friendship most of our adult lives. We have lived in the same city for only a few short years since graduating from college. But still. At least up until now we have been within a reasonable flying distance, with reasonable costs. Or for the more adventurous trips when the whole family goes for a visit, it's even been a somewhat reasonable driving distance. Twenty four hours on a plane, crossing the international date line and $1500+ is a little more than either of us had ever hoped for. We are talking about "meeting half way" which is Hawaii. Maybe this won't be so bad, after all.

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