Monday, August 25, 2008

Government stuff

I spent a lot of time last week watching the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics. I enjoy both winter and summer, but my all time favorite event is the short skate in the winter Olympics. I do enjoy swimming, diving and gymnastics in the summer. I am still a little perplexed that beach volleyball, ping pong and BMX bike racing are in the Olympics. I am even more perplexed that the women volleyball players (indoor and beach) wear considerably less clothing than the men. We were hanging out with the neighbors one night and talking about the Olympics and China. I mentioned my concern that the world would permit the Olympics to take place in China. Our neighbor pointed out he thought it is a good thing and that historically, when Olympics have been held in oppressed countries, it seems the country has a major downfall and a civilized, or at least more civilized, government emerges. He used Nazi Germany and the Olympics in Berlin in 1936 and the Moscow Olympics in 1980 as examples. I hope he is right and that China sees much improvement in the years and decades ahead. I thought it was a little scary that during the diving competition, the commentators said that four years ago China had two divers that were 14 (or whatever the minimum age for diving is) and they were expecting to see them compete in this Olympics. However, those two divers "have disappeared from the diving map" and China now has two other very young divers. And then the issues with the gymnasts and their ages. Hhhhmmm....

The other thing I have been asked a lot since Saturday is what I think about Joe Biden being selected as the VP candidate. I don't really know much about him. I have been reading some things and he seems like a good pick - stands up for what he wants/believes in, is pro-choice, is a family oriented guy, has a lot of the experience Obama is lacking. From that standpoint, I guess he looks pretty good. I have not read or heard much criticism about him except for that comment he made about Obama being the first good looking, educated, articulate African-American... I don't remember the exact quote, I just remember how much hoopla was made about it. I did read the comment that Obama can no longer stress "change" since he has a VEEP candidate who has been in the US government as long as Biden. But hey, you can't have it both ways - you can't criticize Obama for his lack of experience and then criticize him when he picks someone who has that experience. You don't get experience by being a newbie, so it only makes sense he would pick someone who has been in the trenches. And though it doesn't appear Joe Biden is a "yes man", I also haven't read he's an inflexible kind of a guy. Experience in the job doesn't mean he's not ready to see some major changes. In fact, he may be MORE ready if he is sick of the politics as usual mentality we have had over the last several years.

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