Friday, August 1, 2008

Getting Old(er)

I don't really think I am old, I say that in a joking manner. I do know I am get oldER. I went for my annual physical today with my primary care doctor. This is what I know so far:
  • I still don't shit on command like some people I know (you know who you are!). I am officially supposed to drink Benefiber or some similar fiber supplement on a regular basis so I don't create a traffic jam in my colo-rectal system. Great.
  • I got a tetanus shot and gave two vials of blood to be analyzed. Yeah, now I can go to Guam. Hopefully the blood test will come back GOOD. I do eat a lot of fast food, so I will be interested to see what my cholesterol count is.
  • I am wheezing. WHEEZING! I have never wheezed in all of my life. I have an upper respiratory infection that started with Sous Chef right before they left for a trip to Canada. Motorcycle Guy also got it about that same time. Apparently I have it now. Motorcycle Guy and Sous Chef had to take antibiotics, too, since they were going to be gone for several days in a remote area with no medical care. Sous Chef is still on breathing treatments. I am not taking the antibiotics, but have two weeks to get over this or I have to go back. I am using Advair to clear up the "wheeze."
  • I am officially medicated to help control my "generalized anxiety disorder" and even out my moods. Basically, it should take the edge off and I will be a much more tolerable person. We'll see. I don't see myself as overly anxious, especially about every day stuff. However, I do tend to worry about the BIG things that I have no control over - like my kids getting sick and dying or what would happen to my family if something happens to me or my husband. Those kinds of things. I have watched a good friend go through the death of a child over the last couple of years and it has been heartbreaking to watch her go through this. It does keep me awake at night on several occasions. Add to it a family history of mental health issues, and BAM, here I am. Though Zoloft was recently recommended to me by a friend, my doctor, thankfully, never prescribes Zoloft because it "takes your libido to zero." Well, I sure don't need that! That would DEFINITELY make me anxious and depressed. (Nor does my husband, who would prefer to have sex everyday, or more.) So Lexapro is my drug of choice, at least for the next eight weeks until I go back to give her an update. And should I become depressed, it's good for that, too!

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