Thursday, July 17, 2008

Move that bus!

I opted out of going to the big reveal today. They were recommending you get there early (buses started at 6:30am) and preparing people for long lines for the bus and the heat. I decided it wasn't for me - 3,000 people, 95% whom are taller than I am, in 90+ degree weather and carrying a cooler with water and food. And port-o-lets. Yuck. Which would also mean I would lose my place if I had to go use the toilet due to all of that water drinking. Not to mention, I didn't want my national television debut to be a hot, sweaty me bawling my eyes out when they "move that bus!" because that's what I do.

Anyway, I did watch it on our local TV station. And of course I needed a tissue. The family, friends and citizens of this area have really stepped up to help this family. They held a fundraiser last night that raised over $70,000. It will pay off the mortgage on the house that was torn down and will make a big dent in their medical bills. They are hoping to raise more to buy them a wheelchair friendly van. Many of the vendors, such as landscaping and other maintenance on the house have offered free care over the next several years. A local company has offered a year of free homeowners insurance.

This is the final product. It's a 3500 square foot ranch that the two daughters can move their wheelchairs through. There is also a motorized chair in each of the girls room so that when they are in bed at night and need to go to the bathroom, they can get in the chair and it will take them directly to the toilet. No need to wake their parents or get extra assistance. At least that's how the explanation sounded on the news. They redid the pool the family already had. The pool is used for much of the girls physical therapy and they added a motorized lift to get the girls in and out of the pool.

This is how happy the dad and the rest of the family were!

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