Thursday, July 3, 2008

I know you want me to say 20% but...

I stopped putting permanent hair color on my hair a while back. This was due to the fact that my hair was getting a little frazzled and I am growing it out. I want to get my hair how I want it (either longer or back to short) before I choose a color and start coloring it again. In the interim, I have been using a temporary color which works surprisingly well. However, I last applied temp haircolor a while back - at least 2-3 months ago. When I was "due" to reapply, it was getting close to summer, sun and pool time and I felt it would be a waste of my time. The result is about 1 inch roots. Today I got my hair cut, not short, just shaped to help me keep growing it. It's pretty cute. Anyway, I asked my stylist about hair color, etc. Then I asked the big question -

Me: "How much grey do I have?"
Stylist: "Your roots are about an inch long, but they blend very well with the rest of your hair color."
Me: "No, I mean if I let my roots grow out and never color again, how much grey do I have?"
Stylist: "I know you want me to say 20%, but in reality, it's about 90%"

I swear, she practicially whispered this for fear of what my reaction might be.
Me, with a chuckle: "Jesus, and I'm only 40!"
She looked relieved that I didn't burst into tears.

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