Friday, July 18, 2008

Green shirts are for pimps!

The last place one would expect to see a t-shirt with this slogan on it is at work. On a teenager. At a place of work where the parents are highly educated professionals. Obviously, that doesn't mean they aren't total idiots.

Motorcycle Guy took Big E to work yesterday for "Take Our Children to Work Day" at his employer. This was to be a fun but educational experience for the kids to learn about what their parents do, see where they work, what their offices and lab(s) look like, etc. Because of this, we required Big E to wear clothing that was similar to what Motorcycle Guy is permitted to wear - jeans and a shirt with a collar. We did allow him to wear sneakers instead of "casual dress" shoes. Not everyone who came to the event had the same philosophy, which was fine, but some go to the extreme. One teenager, who looked angry and disgruntled in the photo, actually had on a green t-shirt with this entry's title on it. Should I assume that the moron who allowed this child to wear this at all, let alone to his place of business, is proud that his green t-shirt wearing child is a "pimp"? Because based on the t-shirt slogan, that is what that kid is advertising. It would be one thing to see a kid wearing this at an amusement park, the pool, etc., though still inappropriate for a 13 yr. old, but wearing it to an onsite event of the EMPLOYER OF YOUR MOM/DAD? I can only assume his parents are TOTAL MORONS or have absolutely no control over their child. I would expect in reality, it's both. I am wondering how many dinner conversations took place trying to answer questions from the younger crowd asking, "What is a pimp?"

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