Saturday, July 12, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition; Part 2

Big E and I went to the Extreme Makeover home today. It was pretty exciting to see everything and it was surprisingly not too crowded. There may have been 75 or so people there to watch. It was later in the day and it did start raining some, so maybe that was keeping people away. They tore down the house yesterday and when we were there today about 5:30pm, they were already putting the base of the roof on and the insulation/Tyvek stuff on the frame of the house. Wow, they move fast!

Big E and I did manage to see:

Paul, the guy in the white construction hat and light colored shirt. He's our favorite.

We also got to see
Paige. She's in the hot pink construction hat and shoes. Big E likes her.

We were also excited to see

Ty. He's the guy in the blue baseball cap. He's a cutie. While he was out walking around and talking to the construction crew and videographers, I couldn't help but think "OH MY GOD. IF HE WALKS DOWN HERE I WILL JUST DIE! MY HAIR IS A MESS!" It made me laugh that that thought went through my head as I was standing there in the hot, humid air and slight drizzle which caused my hair to fuzz and curl out of control.
Michael Molony and Ed Sanders are here, too, but we did not see them. Maybe next time!
We are going to try to go back again in the morning or on Monday morning just to see what is up. I do enjoy taking my kiddos to stuff like this. I like exposing them to things that show them the good that people do for one another. I have volunteered most of my adult life and I know what it feels like to give back. I spent five years with Habitat for Humanity on a Human Resources Committee and Motorcycle Guy volunteered off and on with them, though Big E and Sous Chef were too small to understand what we were doing. Currently they see me volunteer a lot, but it is mostly with the schools and that does have a different feel to it. I hope by exposing them to these events when possible and being a good "volunteer role model", they will develop a love for volunteering themselves and the understanding that giving is so much better than receiving.

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