Monday, July 28, 2008

Being in a humongous school has it's benefits

I have commented on different occasions how large the school/grades are here. Big E has somewhere around 800 kids in his grade, in one school. Sous Chef has about 350+ in his grade at his school, and there are two schools with his grade. Today I was very thankful for that. In addition to being new to the schools last year, not having a lot of direct contact with the administration and the large number of students/parents, I would not expect the administrative staff of Sous Chef's school to recognize me in public. Today I was out to lunch and took my book with me. The title? prime: adventures and advice on sex, love and the sensual years. Also out to lunch - two principals and one of the counselors from Sous Chef's school. I would have absolutely died if they had walked up to me to say hi and followed up with "what are you reading today?" Especially since it was three men. I was able to slip out of the restaurant unnoticed. In KS, I would not have gotten away so easily. Our school had a total of 450 kids, pre-k through grade 5, I was on a five person committee with the principal and my husband played poker with the principal. After this year, I will no longer get away with this. I am on the PTO board of both schools. The principals of Sous Chef's school always attend the board meetings and at least one principal from Big E's school attend those board meetings. I volunteered for the board so I could get to know these people, but sometimes, anonymity is a good thing.

Oh, and by the way, I am reading the book for my book club August book of the month. And yes, I am the one who suggested it.

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