Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two years

Today is the two year anniversary of the death of our 10 year old friend, Mary-Kate. We will be joining her family this evening to celebrate the life she lived and the joy she brought to those around her. It is a sad day for so many people and it reminds me to be thankful for the people my family has loved over the years, even if we only got spend a short time with them.

Today I took my three boys "creeking" with some friends from my moms group. I am not an outdoorsy person as I don't particularly enjoy the woods, the bugs, the slimy water. But there I was, in the middle of it, shooing away the cicadas and wading in water up to my knees. One of the moms even commented that "for someone who doesn't enjoy creeking, you are doing great!" It seems a fitting way to spend the afternoon since Mary-Kate was such a lover of the outdoors and nature.

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