Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two game balls

Two Saturdays in a row, Big E has received the winning game ball from his team coach. Last Saturday, for the last game of the season, the game went into double overtime. He pitched both of those OT innings. In the second OT inning, they were finally up by one run and just needed to prevent the other team from scoring to tie or to win the game. This is very straining on us parents because it can so easily go either way and the pressure on your child on the pitcher's mound is overwhelming. They know how much rides on them. He struck out the first batter, got the second batter out by ground catching the ball and throwing to the first baseman for an out and then he struck out the third batter. His coach and team nearly tackled him to the ground with joy. It was such a delight to see that and I really didn't expect to see it again any time soon. Big E received the game ball and has had all of the players sign it.

Today began the league tournament. If you lose one game you go to the loser's bracket. Big E's team was playing a team they lost to earlier in the season. It was a close game the entire time and the top of the final inning, Big E's team, the Rebels, was up by one point. All they had to do was prevent the other team from scoring and the game would end with the Rebels as winners! Big E was playing third base today in this final inning. One out in the game, with a player on first and the batter hits a fly ball to Big E. He catches it for an out and then threw the ball to first, getting out the first base runner who was trying to tag up from his lead off due to the fly catch. The result was a double play and once again, Big E's name was screamed out by the coaches and the hugs and jumping nearly knocked him and the first basemen, who caught Big E's throw, to the ground. Big E received the game ball again today for the double play. Often, no game ball is given since many times a win is truly a team effort and there's not one specific player that a win can be attributed to. Big E's the only player on the team to receive two game balls. It's been a good week.

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