Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sous Chef and music

I have never been one to play kids music for my kids, with the exception of a few Bible song tunes and some lullabies. I have never, not once, listened to Radio Disney, nor have I ever, not once played kids music in the car. Not that I have anything against them listening to it, just that I, ME, has something against listening to it. I could not bring myself to listen to the shrill singing of preschoolers and adolescents singing about stinky feet or whatever else kids songs are about. The result? My kids are alternative rockers. Sous Chef is especially a music lover. He (and Big E) are huge fans of the Killlers and will always say "hey, the Killers are on, turn up the radio!" Sous Chef always has a favorite song. In the past it has been WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS by Green Day, anything by the Killers, especially Mr. Bright Side, which we heard today and I was instantly told "Mr. Bright Side, TURN IT UP!" He also likes Death Cab for Cutie. His current favorite is Handlebars by the Flobots.

Sous Chef loves music so much, I have been watching for any concerts coming to town that I could take him to. I'll definitely post if/when I take him to his first show!

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