Friday, June 13, 2008

Poultry Days

This weekend, we (Motorcycle Guy, Big E and I) will be attending Poultry Days in Versailles to play Ultimate Frisbee. Motorcycle Guy has been going to this tournament since the beginning. A friend of his helped start this tournament. He passed away many years ago from leukemia, but the tournament goes on in his name. Since 1993, I have attended this tournament, with the exception of last year. That was the first year Motorcycle Guy missed it and the first time I missed it since knowing him. Big E went with us as when he was about 1 yr. old. We had to hunker down that year in the high school due to a tornado warning. He will be going with us again this weekend, while Sous Chef and CJ have opted to stay with my parents. Not even the lure of carnival rides and games, showering in public showers and camping in the tent, which they love, could pull them from a weekend at the grandparents house! The best way I describe Poultry Days is a Grateful Dead concert without the band. Lots of free spirits hanging out together, catching up with each other since seeing one another the year before (or the last tournament, maybe), lots of alcohol among other festivities. Throw in a town festival and you've got Poultry Days. It's fun to get in your tent on Friday night with only a few hundred people around and wake up the next morning with hundreds of tents and a 1,000 people milling about the public park the city lets us camp out in.

The website explains it as:
What is Poultry Days? Well, if you have not been to the tournament before, it is hard to describe. For most people it is the feeling they have while there - which draws them back like a yearly migration. As for the Tournament Directors, we think if we don't have the tournament, fifty teams would still show up and play! Picture this if you can: A small town in Middle America having it' s small town festival for an industry which is not that big anymore for the area. They have their usual small town festival stuff. Booths selling food and drinks, a flea market, rides for the kiddies, bingo for the seniors, and a parade with a queen. Now picture 1000 Ultimate players crashing their party. The Twilight Zone thing about it is, the Ultimate players are accepted and they blend in as if they belong there. The Ultimate players are welcomed and they have made friends with the townspeople who they talk to each year. We like to think it is the tournament you will have the most fun at during the entire year, or your entire career! By the way, the competition is very competitive as well.

Motorcycle Guy went up this evening and due to season end baseball games, Big E and I will be going up tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait!

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