Monday, June 2, 2008

Outsmarting the smart ass

I love a challenge. I love being right. I love outwitting someone who thinks they have outwitted me.

Our local grocery store has a rewards program that benefits my moms group. It's fairly easy. You get a reloadable gift card and whenever the dollars that have been added to gift cards designated to our organization equals $5,000, they send us a $200 check. Our local grocery store has a special going on when you buy a gift card for certain amounts, they will give you additional cash onto the card. Yesterday, I asked to add $300 to my reloadable gift card and to get the $30 they were currently offering. The cashier, a teenager, said the reloadable cards were not eligible for the 10% cash addition. She wasn't really sure why so she called over a manager. The manager said: "That would be double dipping. You get $30 and your organization gets money, too. THAT'S double dipping."Her snippiness really irked me, so I said: "Hhhhmmm...It doesn't say that on your sign," and I pointed to the sign by the register. Of course, as I left the store, I noticed it did say "with the purchase of a NEW gift card" on the sign at the main entrance. Had the manager had the knowledge to tell me THAT, I would have had a lot more respect for her ability to do her job. INSTEAD, she said: "Well, that's what came down from corporate and we can't do it," and she stomped away.

So I reloaded my current card with $300, figuring the money towards M&M was well needed. I also needed two $15 gift cards for bus driver gifts and I needed to go to the customer service counter for that. On my way over, I had a BRILLIANT idea, and this is where I outwitted that not so friendly manager. I USED MY RELOADED GIFT CARD TO PAY FOR THE NEW $300 GIFT CARD! Ohhhh, I was so happy I could hardly contain myself! So, my moms organization got a $300 credit towards the $5,000 and then I got my new $330 gift card for $300! Then I used that free $30 to purchase two $15 gift cards. As I walked out of the store, or should I say SKIPPED, I passed that manager. I had a big smile on my face and very happily said "goodbye" to her!

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