Sunday, June 22, 2008

Little Red Dress

I know most women have or have had a little black dress that they love. Well, I have the cutest little red dress EVER! I think next year I will purchase a swimsuit that has more of a tank top, instead of a halter v-neck, to prevent those crazy tan lines. I will be working on those tan lines, though, as we have a wedding in August and I plan to wear this dress to that.

Motorcycle Guy and I have neighbors who moved in after us. As it turned out, the husband is a friend of Motorcycle Guy's that he met shortly after graduating from college. Howard is my age, however, and last night he and his wife had his 40th b-day party. They had a casino game company come in. I played black jack while Motorcycle Guy spent the entire evening playing craps. The food was great and we met a lot of new people, many who we will not ever see again, but it was still fun.

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