Friday, June 20, 2008

I should have known it would come out!

As of yesterday, Sous Chef's baseball team was tied for 2nd place with three other teams. They had to win to knock out the other team which would allow Sous Chef's team to advance to 1st place. From there, we would have to wait to see how the other teams did to determine if we would be in 1st place alone or in a tie. Prior to the game, his coach sent an e-mail saying it would be a tough game because the opposing team was a good one and we were down several players due to vacations. She asked that the kids get a lot of rest, no swimming or other strenuous activities and if they couldn't avoid this, to please take a nap before the game.

Well, Sous Chef is in swimming lessons in the morning and then we were invited to a friend's house to swim for the afternoon. I totally forgot about the coach's request but even if I had remembered, I don't think it would have stopped me. I don't typically hold my entire family back from fun activities because there is a sporting event that evening, at least not for a sport for EIGHT YEAR OLDS! Anyway, we swam until about 4:00, came home and got ready for the game. I did not mention to Sous Chef anything that his coach requested because I didn't want him to be worried about not following the rules or disappointing her and the other coaches. I also didn't want him to blurt out "my mom said you didn't want us to swim today, but I did anyway" type comment. I think you can see what is coming.

On the way to the game, he fell asleep in the car. This NEVER happens and I just chuckled to myself and thought "well, at least he got his nap." He started walking to the field, looking a little sleepy eyed. His coach made the comment "Sous Chef, you look tired." Of course, that was all it took. His response? "My mom made me swim for FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT!" WHAT? I did not MAKE him do anything and we did NOT swim for FOUR hours, it was only THREE! She mentioned to me he looked tired and that Sous Chef told her this. I told her we did swim, I did not force him and it was NOT four hours. I also told her he did take a nap and that was the cause of the sleepy eyed look. She laughed and went back to coaching.

The season is officially over and Sous Chef's team is now in FIRST PLACE! Alone, no ties. The other teams involved in the tie all lost their games. Now we start tournaments - for Sous Chef and Big E. Big E's team ranked 4th, which is pretty good considering this is the first year his team has played together as a team and the other teams have been together from the day they signed up for baseball way back when (probably kindergarten or 1st grade).

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