Monday, June 16, 2008

Aaaaaahhh, summer.

In the past, it has taken a few weeks to get the kids on the "summer sleeping schedule." It starts with "you can't get out of bed until 8:00" and then, on their own, they start sleeping a little later as they get used to the new "schedule." This year, I think in big part to an exhausting, but fun, trip to St. Louis, we went immediately into "sleep in" mode. Sous Chef tends to rise first, but he is very self sufficient and entertains himself until the rest of us get up. The rest of us haven't been getting up until 9:00ish (Big E) to 10:30 (CJ). I tend to wake up somewhere in between there. Today was a little different. Sous Chef and CJ started swimming lessons every day for two weeks. We have to be at the community pool by 9:30, so I was up at 8:00 (early for ME!) getting breakfast, swimsuits, etc. and out of the house. Big E was pretty much still asleep on the couch when we left. We made it to the pool with several minutes to spare! We'll see how it goes when Sous Chef has a week of camp later in the summer and he has to be there, with all of his belongings and a packed lunch, by 9:00. That's A.M.!

We had a fun Poultry Days weekend. It was quite a bit smaller than in the past as the organizers felt it was getting too out of control with over 75 teams in attendance. This year there were 48 and it seemed like a nice size. We got to use our new tent (at least new to me as I haven't been in it since we bought it last year) that I affectionately referred to as the "holidome." It sleeps eight people and has two entrances. Even Motorcycle Guy can stand up straight in it and our queen sized super thick air mattress fit with lots of extra room left over! It's amazing to me that it folds up and fits in a bag about the size of a sleeping bag.

Some of the funnier moments of the weekend were me trying to ride a bicycle. I can't remember the last time I rode one, but it has been a few years. Add to it that I have TERRIBLE balance thanks to neurological birth defects and brain surgeries. (I would be in such BIG trouble if I ever had to take a DUI test with my arms out and head back with eyes closed. I would NOT pass it and I've often thought about asking for a note from my neurosurgeons to help me explain this to an officer if ever needed!) Big E took his bike so he could ride around town with some friends. It was a quick way for me to get to the bathroom with the running water. The first time I rode it, I can blame my poor driving on the LARGE Pink Panties drink I had made myself. After that, though, I can only blame it on being out of practice. I had a really hard time balancing and steering around people and I really wanted a sign on the bike and/or on my back that said "STUDENT DRIVER" so people would know to get out of the way. Instead I just apologized in advance of driving by people in case the worst happened. I only dumped the bike once, and thankfully, I wasn't even on it yet! I was able to fix what broke off the bike and Motorcycle Guy will be making a run to the bike store to buy a new cable to repair the other parts.

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