Monday, May 5, 2008

Wow, what a weekend!

Friday we started off bright and early for Children's Hospital for Sous Chef to have eye surgery to correct an eye muscle disorder. He did great and is recovering nicely. His eyes are quite bloodshot, but that is also starting to improve. I had prepared him well for not being able to eat the morning of his surgery since he hates missing meals. I told him we would get up at midnight the night before and I would fix him breakfast. Unfortunately, we both slept through and he was rather disgruntled that we had missed our midnight meal. The only other major difficulty was getting the eye drops in his eyes the day of and the day after surgery since it hurt him to open his eyes. Mid-day Saturday he was opening his eyes "full time" and the eye drops have become a simple activity for him! He even reminds us when it's time. He went to school today with his sunglasses to help with the light sensitivity and to keep from "freaking out my friends".

On Saturday, Big E had a slumber party to celebrate his 11th birthday. We took everyone to play disc golf at the new disc golf course. I am fairly sure the kids and Motorcycle Guy spent more time in the woods searching out the discs than they did actually playing on the course. They had fun though and it was a first for Big E's friends. The rest of the evening went well, though there were two boys who I would have liked to put in the corner for most of the evening as they acted in a way that made it necessary to constantly keep my eye on them and frequently remind them not to do things (like explode a juice bag underneath the garage door as it came down). I am not used to constantly having to watch Big E or most of his friends and I found it quite irritating. At one point, Big E was so upset by the two of them that he came upstairs to tell us they were out of control and he started to cry, which is very unlike him. It was funny to hear all the boys talk about the kids and teachers at school. One boy even told me "we are gossiping" and in so many ways it reminded me of the slumber parties of my youth! They were all out by about 1:00 with the exception of two boys (one of the troublemakers) and by then they were just talking in the dark. Big E complained off and on that he did not feel well, but I thought he was just upset by the poor behavior of the two friends.

Sunday we went bowling with my family to celebrate Big E's and my dad's birthday. On our way into the parking lot of the bowling alley, the following takes place:

Big E: "I feel worse right now than I have all weekend."
Big E: "I think I am going to throw up."
Me: "Hold on, I am pulling into a space!" as I look in the mirror and see him covering his mouth.
Me: "Get out! Get out!" as I am hitting buttons to open every door on the van because I am not sure which is the quickest and easiest way out for him from the very back seat.
Big E: "bleck" all between the two seats in the middle section of the van. He then managed to get out and finish up in the parking lot.

Big E is home from school today.

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