Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today was it!

Big E got his braces today. My, how things have changed. He got to choose the color of the rubber bands that hold the wires in place. For now he chose royal blue and orange, the colors of his baseball team. He gets to choose new colors with each visit and he has his color choices lined up for about the next six months. With the exception of his back teeth, the braces are glued onto the front of his teeth. When I had braces, the each brace was a band that went all the way around every tooth, leaving the "full metal mouth" appearance. He only has those 360 degree bands on the back teeth. He also has some springs connecting the braces between his front and back teeth - I think they push the teeth apart to allow room for the other teeth to move forward. I have never seen those before. He got a professional electric toothbrush (of course, while it didn't cost extra, I can only assume it was calculated into the $5,000+ for the braces!), flouride mouthwash and these really cool "floss threaders" that allow you to thread dental floss under the wires and then you can floss in between your teeth. He was very excited about his new braces and kept looking in the mirror on his way to school. I failed to warn the orthodontist and the assistant that he is a gagger. I dropped him off at his appointment and had to leave while I dropped off Sous Chef at school and CJ at a friend's house. During that time, he managed to throw up on his sweatshirt! Thankfully it only happened once and there was no more gagging after that point. I think this will be good for him to get over that hypersensitive reflex. The lesson I learned is always take a clean shirt with us. Thankfully, he had his sweatshirt on over his t-shirt and it was not an issue today.

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