Thursday, May 22, 2008

The men, I mean the women, they choose

I just found out yesterday that Cynthia Nixon, from SATC, is a lesbian. I realize everyone else probably knows this already, but I don't typically read "celebrity" magazines and I have never seen an episode of SATC (gasp!). Not because I don't want to, I just haven't. By the time I heard about all the hype, it was in reruns and I was so far behind the "learning curve" I just never got into it. I think I missed something really good and someday, maybe I will be able to watch the DVD's or reruns.

Anyway, my point is not about SATC, or Cynthia Nixon specifically, but about the lovers lesbians sometimes choose and the lesbians some women become. I will use Cynthia Nixon's son, I mean boyfriend, I mean GIRLFRIEND as an example. Have you seen this man, I mean woman? When I first saw the picture in People magazine (I was at the dentist's office waiting for Big E while he got his teeth cleaned), I literally thought "oh look, she took her teenage son to a dinner with her." Then I read the caption and thought surely it was a typo when it said "girlfriend." That picture is really of a woman. I don't mind the lesbian aspect at all. What I wonder, though, is what attracts a woman, who is not attracted to men, to a woman WHO LOOKS LIKE A MAN? And I don't mean a tomboyish looking woman, but really looks like a man. And what inspires a woman, who is not attracted to men, to look like a man and then attract women? I have spent a lot more time with gay men than lesbian women and I haven't noticed this happening in the male relationships. Yes, I have met effiminate men and often it is clear who is the more dominant partner, just like in heterosexual couples. But I have not men who downright look like women, unless they are dressed in drag or having a gender reassignment and I am not addressing those issues here. And I am not trying to be judgmental, I am truly curious about this. I really think if I was born a lesbian (and yes, I think sexual orientation is a birth right, not a choice), which I am not (not that's there's anything wrong with that!), I would be attracted to a WOMAN. A woman who looks like a woman. But apparently that is not the case in many relationships and I would love to understand that.

I found two pictures of Cynthia Nixon's girlfriend. I couldn't find the one from People magazine, so these will have to do.

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