Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's time

We got the phone call today to make an appointment for Big E to get his braces! He will be getting them Tuesday, May 27. WOW! I am excited to get this process started and he will only have to wear them for 15 months (unlike my almost FOUR YEARS!). I explained to him today that means when he starts 7th grade and is really into girls, he will have a nice, straight pearly white smile. He smirked, but I think he liked that idea.

I was complaining to my best friend today that it is appropriate for the braces to come on now. In the last few months we became "debt free", or at least my version of debt free. We only have the house and van that we owe on. I was getting excited about throwing some additional money into our savings account each month besides the amount we put now. Well, that excitement has been deflated. We now have a $250/month payment for the next 15 months and that's after our $1295 "down" payment I made today. I think we can deduct about $75 per month for insurance reimbursement, but still! Lesson learned: just when you think you are getting ahead, don't get too comfy. Something will come up to suck that money right out of your wallet.

It's also that time of year when schools start coming to an end for summer break. CJ had his last day of school today. I am kind of glad not to have to worry about his schedule any more. However, when Big E and Sous Chef get out of school in early June ... well, oh my, things will really get nuts around here. Thankfully we have a couple of fun things planned for June, including a trip to St. Louis for our second annual mom and kids road trip. I think there are six moms and about 12-13 kids going! Hopefully it will go a little smoother than the first annual trip, which resulted in one of our kids vomiting in the hotel pool and therefore, closing the pool for the remainder of our stay, and the threat of one of the moms/kids rooms being thrown out because they were "too loud."

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