Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Big E!

Tonight at 9:02pm, Big E turns 11! ELEVEN! On the 17th day of being overdue, after two weeks of non-stress tests and ultrasounds and an estimate of an 11 lb.12 oz. baby in my belly on the final ultrasound, I woke up and knew "this is it." I was not in pain, but I had an odd feeling of pressure I had not experienced before. I lounged on the couch, read and watched TV for a short while. I finally went take a shower and get ready so I would at least look and smell half way decent for part of the labor. I woke up Motorcycle Guy and called our doula. We then made the drive from the NE part of the city to the hospital downtown. It was a long drive - only 17 miles or so, but IT WAS A LONG DRIVE! Overall, things went well. Lots of pain and therefore an epidural. We had Steve and Oz hanging out with us, along with our doula. We watched the Kentucky Derby and even have it on our video from the day. Steve left to go to a derby party and came back - still no baby. Motorcycle Guy shooed off the nurses who tried to tell me I could not have the juice or applesauce that I wanted. It was the best grape juice ever! Then it was time. Oz hung professionally over the shoulder of my doctor. I remember saying, "Dr. Smith, if he is bothering you, just tell him to back off." Dr.'s response was, "He's fine, this happens a lot." Big E was posterior and had not turned during labor. With quite a bit of work from the doctor and his forceps, about 11 hours after checking in to the hospital, Big E turned and he made his exit. Though it sounds smooth, some of it was a little more intense than that. Due to the amount of meconium in the amniotic fluid, my doctor wanted a neonatologist there. That doctor, however, was playing golf and his office had a hard time tracking him down. Also, because it was difficult getting Big E turned, the anesthesiologist was there and OR was ready for me in case of a last minute C-section. Just as things starting getting crazy, in walks the the neonatologist and Big E was born at 9:02pm weighing in at 10 lbs. 4 oz. without a C-section. We have on video the nurses weighing him the first time, looking at me, weighing him again and the only word that came out of their mouths was "Jesus". Big E was 17 days late and 10.4. When I was born I was 17 days late and weighed 10.8. Oz and Steve stood in silence. Oz finally said, "that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Motorcycle Guy and I were thrilled to have our first baby boy, healthy and large, with us to hold.

Happy Birthday, Big E.

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