Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hair Update

A couple of people have asked about my latest hair style. Earlier this week, I decided to try another hair stylist instead of going back to the one I've gone to the last two haircuts. My hair was fine, not totally what I wanted, but I just figured it was part of not knowing whether to cut it or let it keep growing. I am at the "make up your mind and just do it" stage after almost two years of growing it out. She also irritated me the last time I was there and I decided the combination of her snarky comments, the so-so hairstyle and the distance to get to her, I should look elsewhere. So I contacted a friend who recently moved to Atlanta. She went from medium short to very short just before moving and I figured her stylist would be a good choice because someday I will go short again and I will need someone who can do that. Many hairstylists are not comfortable with super short hair and don't know how to cut it, so it's important that I have someone who can do that when the time comes. Emily steered me to her hair stylist, Jane. Jane's salon is only about five minutes from my house - PERFECT. I took in pictures of me with short, short hair, medium short hair, and the bob I had about Christmas time. I told her I was not ready to go short, but wanted her to see it. I am interested in still letting my hair grow some, but I didn't like the "older mom" look I had now and I wanted something a little "edgier." She explained what she wanted to do, how it would grow out during the process and I said "Let's do it."
This is my hair in April. It's fine, but nothing wonderful.
This is my hair today, after my haircut yesterday. It's kind of hard to see how it's flipping up on the ends, but it is. It still has some growing to do, and I can't even remember exactly what Jane has planned for it, but I am ready!

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