Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Edward Scissorhands

When we first moved here last July, it was really obvious the people before us cared nothing or knew nothing about taking care of a yard and flowers, shrubs and trees. I am not a lawn caretaker, but I am kind of picky about shrubs and flowers. And by picky, I don't mean an expert and I certainly don't want to imply I enjoy taking care of the "garden" because I don't. However, I also don't like the shrubs, bushes and flowers to be so overgrown it looks like no one lives in our house. I don't like the bushes to create a "row" or "border" by touching one another when in a garden area. (If you are actually trying to create a border, though, then that is OK.). That's my main gripe. So about day two of living here, I got out the electric hedgetrimmer. I should state right here and now, I had NEVER used a hedgetrimmer before. Motorcycle Guy plugged it in with a long extension cord and I went to work like a madwoman. All I can say is after that, no one would have ever wanted me to cut their hair. And the extension cord now has at least three areas where Motorcycle Guy had to repair it from me cutting through the cord, sparks flying everywhere, resulting in the hedgetrimmer coming to an immediate stop. Thankfully Motorcycle Guy is an electrical engineer and a handy guy so he was able to repair it each time. Of course, it was not done without a lot of head shaking, a couple of comments along the line of "I should have used the cheap extension cord" and a lot of wondering about whether or not I was qualified to use a lawn tool of this size. In the end, the bushes looked a 1,000 times better, even if they were not perfect.

This leads up to yesterday. Who knew bushes would grow so much during the winter months? They were already driving me crazy, looking like out of control greenery on the side of the highway. I asked Motorcycle Guy to set out the hedgetrimmer and extension cord before he went to work. I could see his back stiffen and the thought of "Oh my god, do I really let her do this when she is without adult supervision?" Of course, earlier, my neighbor offered up his battery powered trimmer, which I inspired him to go buy the day he saw me trimming our bushes last summer and he decided he better trim his, too. Anyway, I digress. So yesterday morning, about 8:15 or so, there I was in our front yard, doing my imitation of Edward Scissorhands and NOT ONCE did I cut the extension cord. Not once, I tell you! The bushes look great with their new fashionable trim. I even pulled out two dead bushes (which were both hidden behind two larger bushes!) and a live one that was very poorly placed right in front of another bush. I don't know who did the landscaping layout when this house was built five years ago, but they sucked! We really need to tear it all out and start over, but that's just not in the budget this year and maybe not even next. In that case, me and my hedgetrimmer will be at it again this fall and next spring!

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