Monday, May 26, 2008

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

My mom and I are very different in many ways - I'm rather liberal, she's not. We have very different views on society, justice, religion, sex and politics. Of course, politics often includes society, justice, religion and sex. She's a neat freak, I am not. She loves to cook, and I don't mind it, but it is not my desire every meal of every day to make sure my family has a full course home cooked extravaganza. She plans ahead for most things and I am more of a "wing it", kind of impromptu person. She is high maintenance, I am not (and yes, I think my husband would agree that for the most part, I am fairly low maintenance.). She thinks a woman's place is in the home and I think a woman's place is wherever the woman wants to be.

However, we are also very similar. She is an extrovert, so am I; she is not just opinionated, but spouts her opinions ad nauseum and well, I have in the past, but have improved on this significantly (I do admit, this is and will be a lifelong process for me!); she is not afraid to stand up for herself, and those she loves, through words and actions, ditto for me.

This weekend, I discovered another way we are very similar. God love this woman ... she has a plethora of prescription drugs! I have pulled a multitude of muscles in my neck and back, making it hard for me to move my head and upper body without doing the "full body rotation" to see in the direction I need/want to see. She noticed this stiffness shortly after I arrived to visit her and my dad this weekend. She immediately says "is your neck sore?" "Yes" I say. Before I know it, she is at her medicine cabinet saying, "I have some muscle relaxers if you want some of those. Or if you need painkillers I have vicadin and percoset. I also have the usual over the counter stuff. I may have a few other things in here if none of that works."

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