Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are you smarter than a 5th grader?

Yesterday, my 5th grader was home "sick". Well, not really sick. Mainly just not up to snuff - new braces, allergies and a baseball game that lasted until after 10:00. Hey, it's the end of the school year, so no big deal. The result was he was able to babysit CJ while I went to an "Author's Tea" in Sous Chef's classroom where Sous Chef got to read the book that he wrote and his teacher had bound and "published". Each of the kids got to do this. Anyway, I pay Big E $2.00/hr. - CHEAP babysitting! So I was gone an hour and 45 minutes. I am quite the math challenged mom, so I was trying to figure out how much I owed him - 1.45x$2.00. It was adding up to $2.90 and Big E quickly corrected me that it should be $3.50. I didn't disagree, but couldn't figure out why my equation wasn't working. He talked me through it:

Big E: "One hour is $2.00, another hour is $3.00 and 15 more minutes would be $.50 for a total of $3.50."
Me: "Yes, that is right, but I just don't understand why my equation isn't working. 1.45x$2.00. See, it says right on the calculator that it is $2.90."
Big E: "But the hours aren't in 100's, there is only 60 minutes in an hour. You need to calculate that way."
Me: "OH YEAH! 45 minutes is 3/4 of an hour so I need to use 1.75 instead of 1.45. NOW my equation works. $3.50!"
Big E, with a smile: "Now you got it."

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Come on, already!

Where is spring or maybe summer? We have certainly had enough rain to bring on the flowers, but the temperature - brrrrrrrrr. It's almost June and last night at a baseball game we had on socks, coats and blankets. It was like football weather! Today, it's barely 63 degrees. I suppose come November/December, it will still be in the 60's instead of cold, wet and maybe snowing. Last night I told the other moms I was ready to be at a ball game complaining about the heat and sweating off a pound or two. It better hurry up, though, our regular season ends in a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today was it!

Big E got his braces today. My, how things have changed. He got to choose the color of the rubber bands that hold the wires in place. For now he chose royal blue and orange, the colors of his baseball team. He gets to choose new colors with each visit and he has his color choices lined up for about the next six months. With the exception of his back teeth, the braces are glued onto the front of his teeth. When I had braces, the each brace was a band that went all the way around every tooth, leaving the "full metal mouth" appearance. He only has those 360 degree bands on the back teeth. He also has some springs connecting the braces between his front and back teeth - I think they push the teeth apart to allow room for the other teeth to move forward. I have never seen those before. He got a professional electric toothbrush (of course, while it didn't cost extra, I can only assume it was calculated into the $5,000+ for the braces!), flouride mouthwash and these really cool "floss threaders" that allow you to thread dental floss under the wires and then you can floss in between your teeth. He was very excited about his new braces and kept looking in the mirror on his way to school. I failed to warn the orthodontist and the assistant that he is a gagger. I dropped him off at his appointment and had to leave while I dropped off Sous Chef at school and CJ at a friend's house. During that time, he managed to throw up on his sweatshirt! Thankfully it only happened once and there was no more gagging after that point. I think this will be good for him to get over that hypersensitive reflex. The lesson I learned is always take a clean shirt with us. Thankfully, he had his sweatshirt on over his t-shirt and it was not an issue today.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

My mom and I are very different in many ways - I'm rather liberal, she's not. We have very different views on society, justice, religion, sex and politics. Of course, politics often includes society, justice, religion and sex. She's a neat freak, I am not. She loves to cook, and I don't mind it, but it is not my desire every meal of every day to make sure my family has a full course home cooked extravaganza. She plans ahead for most things and I am more of a "wing it", kind of impromptu person. She is high maintenance, I am not (and yes, I think my husband would agree that for the most part, I am fairly low maintenance.). She thinks a woman's place is in the home and I think a woman's place is wherever the woman wants to be.

However, we are also very similar. She is an extrovert, so am I; she is not just opinionated, but spouts her opinions ad nauseum and well, I have in the past, but have improved on this significantly (I do admit, this is and will be a lifelong process for me!); she is not afraid to stand up for herself, and those she loves, through words and actions, ditto for me.

This weekend, I discovered another way we are very similar. God love this woman ... she has a plethora of prescription drugs! I have pulled a multitude of muscles in my neck and back, making it hard for me to move my head and upper body without doing the "full body rotation" to see in the direction I need/want to see. She noticed this stiffness shortly after I arrived to visit her and my dad this weekend. She immediately says "is your neck sore?" "Yes" I say. Before I know it, she is at her medicine cabinet saying, "I have some muscle relaxers if you want some of those. Or if you need painkillers I have vicadin and percoset. I also have the usual over the counter stuff. I may have a few other things in here if none of that works."

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The men, I mean the women, they choose

I just found out yesterday that Cynthia Nixon, from SATC, is a lesbian. I realize everyone else probably knows this already, but I don't typically read "celebrity" magazines and I have never seen an episode of SATC (gasp!). Not because I don't want to, I just haven't. By the time I heard about all the hype, it was in reruns and I was so far behind the "learning curve" I just never got into it. I think I missed something really good and someday, maybe I will be able to watch the DVD's or reruns.

Anyway, my point is not about SATC, or Cynthia Nixon specifically, but about the lovers lesbians sometimes choose and the lesbians some women become. I will use Cynthia Nixon's son, I mean boyfriend, I mean GIRLFRIEND as an example. Have you seen this man, I mean woman? When I first saw the picture in People magazine (I was at the dentist's office waiting for Big E while he got his teeth cleaned), I literally thought "oh look, she took her teenage son to a dinner with her." Then I read the caption and thought surely it was a typo when it said "girlfriend." That picture is really of a woman. I don't mind the lesbian aspect at all. What I wonder, though, is what attracts a woman, who is not attracted to men, to a woman WHO LOOKS LIKE A MAN? And I don't mean a tomboyish looking woman, but really looks like a man. And what inspires a woman, who is not attracted to men, to look like a man and then attract women? I have spent a lot more time with gay men than lesbian women and I haven't noticed this happening in the male relationships. Yes, I have met effiminate men and often it is clear who is the more dominant partner, just like in heterosexual couples. But I have not men who downright look like women, unless they are dressed in drag or having a gender reassignment and I am not addressing those issues here. And I am not trying to be judgmental, I am truly curious about this. I really think if I was born a lesbian (and yes, I think sexual orientation is a birth right, not a choice), which I am not (not that's there's anything wrong with that!), I would be attracted to a WOMAN. A woman who looks like a woman. But apparently that is not the case in many relationships and I would love to understand that.

I found two pictures of Cynthia Nixon's girlfriend. I couldn't find the one from People magazine, so these will have to do.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

It's time

We got the phone call today to make an appointment for Big E to get his braces! He will be getting them Tuesday, May 27. WOW! I am excited to get this process started and he will only have to wear them for 15 months (unlike my almost FOUR YEARS!). I explained to him today that means when he starts 7th grade and is really into girls, he will have a nice, straight pearly white smile. He smirked, but I think he liked that idea.

I was complaining to my best friend today that it is appropriate for the braces to come on now. In the last few months we became "debt free", or at least my version of debt free. We only have the house and van that we owe on. I was getting excited about throwing some additional money into our savings account each month besides the amount we put now. Well, that excitement has been deflated. We now have a $250/month payment for the next 15 months and that's after our $1295 "down" payment I made today. I think we can deduct about $75 per month for insurance reimbursement, but still! Lesson learned: just when you think you are getting ahead, don't get too comfy. Something will come up to suck that money right out of your wallet.

It's also that time of year when schools start coming to an end for summer break. CJ had his last day of school today. I am kind of glad not to have to worry about his schedule any more. However, when Big E and Sous Chef get out of school in early June ... well, oh my, things will really get nuts around here. Thankfully we have a couple of fun things planned for June, including a trip to St. Louis for our second annual mom and kids road trip. I think there are six moms and about 12-13 kids going! Hopefully it will go a little smoother than the first annual trip, which resulted in one of our kids vomiting in the hotel pool and therefore, closing the pool for the remainder of our stay, and the threat of one of the moms/kids rooms being thrown out because they were "too loud."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Before and After

Ok, they are far from perfect and I need to find something to keep the drawers from sticking together, some kind of wax maybe?, but they are better than they were before, but hopefully you could have figured that out!



No, the handles are not crooked, it's just the shadow of the light making them look that way. Ignore the blue towel the TV is on. I am going to buy a cool runner to put on the top to keep the TV from scratching it. I am looking for a blue color that will match the walls when they are painted and match the chocolate brown and steel blue bedding.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

She ain't no Martha Stewart!

It's true. I don't really like home decorating/redecorating projects, for a variety of reasons, listed as follows:
  1. We don't have the money to either buy the things I like and/or buy the things all at the same time. I see an entire room on display that I like and it usually adds up to $1,000's of dollars. NOT happening right now. So I try to buy similar things at a lower cost and then I have a hard time incorporating them into my rooms. I am just not good at piecing things together.
  2. I don't like shopping for home decor stuff. I want to go one place and say "ok, I'll take that", "that" being an entire room of stuff, including all the accessories, and then go home and wait for it to be delivered.
  3. I don't like comparing prices and styles by going from store to store. This takes us back to #1. The results of 1. and 2. mean that I make do with what we have OR
  4. I end up "upgrading" what we have. I don't really like these projects, either. I would rather be shopping for clothes.

#4 leads me to this weekend's project. We have a dresser set from Motorcycle Guy's grandparents. The style of it is fine, but it had a really awful finish on it. So this weekend, I sanded and painted them and bought new pulls for the drawers. I have NEVER done this before. If you've been a reader for a while, you may remember the first time I ever painted a room was back in September, so this is another new home decor project involving #4, upgrading what we have.

I sanded and I painted. Of course, as is almost always the case with me when paint is involved, I decided I didn't really like the color. I painted the first dresser and drawers and after looking at it off and on, decided it was too much of a "muddy" color and I wanted more of a "brown/black" color. So this morning I needed to go to Home Depot to return a light that burned out. (It's one of the new energy saving bulbs and it had a seven year guarantee and lasted about 70 minutes!) I also wanted to look at their pulls since Lowe's didn't have exactly what I was looking for. I also decided to get some new paint, but didn't tell Motorcycle Guy because I knew what kind of look I would get. The one that says "WHAT?" So I am getting the stuff into the car and Motorcycle Guy offers to take the painted dresser and drawers back upstairs while I am gone, because as far as he is concerned, it's finished. This is how the conversation goes:

Motorcycle Guy: "Do you want me to take this back up and bring the other dresser down?"
Me: "no. i am going to paint them a different color." (The small font is to indicate the hushed voice I used as I said this.)
Motorcycle Guy: "WHAT?"
Me: "I am going to paint them a different color." (A little louder this time.)
Me: "I don't really like that color for the dressers."
Motorcycle Guy: "What's wrong with it?"
Me: "It's too muddy. I want something the color of this." ("this" is me pointing to the shirt I purposefully dressed in t match the color.)
Motorcycle Guy: "Ok then. I'll bring down the other dresser."

He's such a good sport.

Friday, May 16, 2008

What it means when you are 40 (or older)

I fall into the category of 40 and older. Today, I had my annual gyno exam. Things have changed now that I am in this age bracket. Mammograms. I have had two already and honestly, they don't bother me. I don't think they hurt and I don't mind standing there with my boobies hanging out (hell, I breastfed for three years of my child raising life, who HASN'T seen my boobies?). Now comes the other part of being 40+ and testing - colon cancer. I have had a colonoscopy and that is NASTY. Way worse than any mammogram, spinal tap, EMG's or any other painful and/or disgusting test I've had. Thankfully, I am not to routine colonsocopies, yet. Instead, I get to take a shit and then swish a brush around in it and paint it onto a card. TWICE. Two different shits. Then I mail it off to a lab to get it inspected for blood or other unwanted cells. The test kit says to "protect from heat (>99F/37C)" which can only mean I need to shit twice and get this in the mail before summer gets here and we are sweltering in 100+ degree weather. And for anyone who knows my bowel habits, shitting twice before summer could present a real challenge. I have done a similar test like this in the past, and this one is actually easier. However, the past test was because I was having abdominal issues, but now, IT'S ROUTINE testing, done analy, oops, I mean ANNUALLY.

For those who are really intersted, here are the instructions.

SAMPLE 1 - Your first bowel movement
STEP 1: Take these instructions, brush kit and test card into the bathroom.Flush Toilet BEFORE your bowel movement.
STEP 2: After your bowel movement, DO NOT PLACE USED TOILET PAPER IN THE TOILET BOWL. Instead, use one of the waste bags provided.Do NOT FLUSH the toilet.(Unfortunately, what I can't put in here is the picture of a faceless cartoon looking person very carefully, with only two fingers being used, as if to say "YUCK" with his non-verbal communication, placing the waste bag in the toilet.)
STEP 3: Lift the flap marked "LIFT HERE FOR SAMPLE 1" on the test card to uncover the small white square marked, "SAMPLE 1".
STEP 4: Using one of the blue brushes, gently brush the surface of the stool for about five seconds.If the stool is loose, simply stir the water around the stool.Remove brush from the water and gently shake it once to remove excess water and any clumps of stool.
STEP 5: Gently dab the bristles of the brush onto the small white square on the test card for about five seconds (some staining of the square may occur).Put the used brush into the kit wastebag and throw it away in your waste basket.STEP 6:Peel off on of the two removable labels from the Reply Form and use it to re-seal the flap marked "Sample 1".See diagrams above for correct way to position the label when sealing each flap on the test card. Print your name on each label.

SAMPLE 2 - your second bowel movement (Since bleeding may not occur all of the time, a second bowel movement is sampled to increase the chance of detecting blood.)
Use the second blue brush, waste bag and the test card sample flap makred "SAMPLE 2", repeat steps 1 to 6 above. Use the other label to re-seal the sample flap. Continue with instructions on the back of this sheet.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

How do they do it?

I am kind of a wimpy massage therapist. I only do three to four massages in a shift and I don't typically do a full massage of deep tissue work. I don't have a problem giving a massage where deep tissue is incorporated into troubled areas, but a full one hour massage of deep tissue is difficult. However, I have colleagues who will do six to seven massages in a shift and all of them are deep tissue. They do complain about it, but they do it. I, personally, don't know how they do it. I had a client last night who kept saying "I like it a little deeper" or "you can work a little deeper in that area." I want to say, "No, REALLY, I can't! My thumbs and fingers are about to fall off!" Sometimes I am working so hard, that my hands and joints are shakey during and after the massage - though, this, too, is a common complaint from those who do multiple deep tissue massages. Funny, it only takes me one deep tissue massage for that affect to set in. I do find ways to work deep without blowing out my thumbs by using my knuckles/fists and my elbows and my body weight. Last night though, I wanted to try jumping up and down on this woman and saying "there, is that deep enough?" Maybe it was just that this woman kept making comments like, "if I could just get all of these knots worked out" and "I wish I could just scoop out the knots with a spoon." I wanted to say "Are you kidding me? I don't feel ANY knots. Okay, one, but it shouldn't be causing all of the issues you are complaining about." Of course, that conversation lead to a lot of complaining in the employee lounge from me and a couple of other therapists who get clients who think they are falling apart and the entire massage you are thinking "Huh? I don't feel much in here but maybe a few tight areas. Certainly no KNOTS or trigger point areas! Nothing a firm massage and some stretching couldn't take care of."

The flip side of this is you get clients who say, with a lot of confidence and knowledge, "I like deep tissue work. You can't work too deep on me. The deeper the better." Then you get to work and the next thing you know they are screaming, "NOT SO DEEP" as they peel themselves off of the ceiling. Know it alls - be careful when you ask for deep tissue massage, especially if your therapist is in a mood!

Monday, May 12, 2008

A good day

Mother's Day was a good day. I slept in until 8:30am. Sad, I know, when 8:30 is considered sleeping in! We went to lunch with my parents and my brother and his family and then we came home and I totally vegged out all day. I layed in bed watching TV and I took a two hour nap. When I finally emerged from the bedroom around 4:30 or 5:00, I spent the remainder of the day reading and watching TV in the family room. I also received some nice gifts - stargazer lillies (one of my favorites!), a homemade trivet with CJ's handprint, a Mother's Day book made by Sous Chef, a handmade card and video game that all of the kids chipped in to buy. It was Carnival Games for the Wii, picked out by Big E who remembered hearing me say "that looks like a fun game" when we were looking at Wii games one other time.

TV viewing yesterday left a lot to be desired, though. You would have thought the stations would have been airing "mommy" movies or at least a variety of chick flicks, but no. Two movies we ran across were "Saving Private Ryan" which is every mom's worst nightmare and not a movie I ever want to see again and "Cast Away". I asked Motorcycle Guy to change the channel, making the comment that they could have least put on "Forrest Gump" which is a nice "mom" movie. Our conversation went something like this:

Me: "Can you change the channel?"
Motorcycle Guy: "You don't like 'Cast Away'?"
Me: "It's so boring."
Motorcycle Guy: "Why is it boring?"
Me: "I don't like watching a movie where no one speaks for hours. I know it got a lot of good reviews, but if I just wanted to hear the sound of the ocean with no words or actions, I would turn off the TV and play a massage therapy disc."
Motorcycle Guy: "I think this is a great movie."
Me: "That's because you don't like to talk."
Motorcycle Guy: (laughing) "That's not TOTALLY true."

He changed the channel and we ended up watching "Drive-Ins, Diners and Dives" on the Food Network. Ahhh, that was much better!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hair Update

A couple of people have asked about my latest hair style. Earlier this week, I decided to try another hair stylist instead of going back to the one I've gone to the last two haircuts. My hair was fine, not totally what I wanted, but I just figured it was part of not knowing whether to cut it or let it keep growing. I am at the "make up your mind and just do it" stage after almost two years of growing it out. She also irritated me the last time I was there and I decided the combination of her snarky comments, the so-so hairstyle and the distance to get to her, I should look elsewhere. So I contacted a friend who recently moved to Atlanta. She went from medium short to very short just before moving and I figured her stylist would be a good choice because someday I will go short again and I will need someone who can do that. Many hairstylists are not comfortable with super short hair and don't know how to cut it, so it's important that I have someone who can do that when the time comes. Emily steered me to her hair stylist, Jane. Jane's salon is only about five minutes from my house - PERFECT. I took in pictures of me with short, short hair, medium short hair, and the bob I had about Christmas time. I told her I was not ready to go short, but wanted her to see it. I am interested in still letting my hair grow some, but I didn't like the "older mom" look I had now and I wanted something a little "edgier." She explained what she wanted to do, how it would grow out during the process and I said "Let's do it."
This is my hair in April. It's fine, but nothing wonderful.
This is my hair today, after my haircut yesterday. It's kind of hard to see how it's flipping up on the ends, but it is. It still has some growing to do, and I can't even remember exactly what Jane has planned for it, but I am ready!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Edward Scissorhands

When we first moved here last July, it was really obvious the people before us cared nothing or knew nothing about taking care of a yard and flowers, shrubs and trees. I am not a lawn caretaker, but I am kind of picky about shrubs and flowers. And by picky, I don't mean an expert and I certainly don't want to imply I enjoy taking care of the "garden" because I don't. However, I also don't like the shrubs, bushes and flowers to be so overgrown it looks like no one lives in our house. I don't like the bushes to create a "row" or "border" by touching one another when in a garden area. (If you are actually trying to create a border, though, then that is OK.). That's my main gripe. So about day two of living here, I got out the electric hedgetrimmer. I should state right here and now, I had NEVER used a hedgetrimmer before. Motorcycle Guy plugged it in with a long extension cord and I went to work like a madwoman. All I can say is after that, no one would have ever wanted me to cut their hair. And the extension cord now has at least three areas where Motorcycle Guy had to repair it from me cutting through the cord, sparks flying everywhere, resulting in the hedgetrimmer coming to an immediate stop. Thankfully Motorcycle Guy is an electrical engineer and a handy guy so he was able to repair it each time. Of course, it was not done without a lot of head shaking, a couple of comments along the line of "I should have used the cheap extension cord" and a lot of wondering about whether or not I was qualified to use a lawn tool of this size. In the end, the bushes looked a 1,000 times better, even if they were not perfect.

This leads up to yesterday. Who knew bushes would grow so much during the winter months? They were already driving me crazy, looking like out of control greenery on the side of the highway. I asked Motorcycle Guy to set out the hedgetrimmer and extension cord before he went to work. I could see his back stiffen and the thought of "Oh my god, do I really let her do this when she is without adult supervision?" Of course, earlier, my neighbor offered up his battery powered trimmer, which I inspired him to go buy the day he saw me trimming our bushes last summer and he decided he better trim his, too. Anyway, I digress. So yesterday morning, about 8:15 or so, there I was in our front yard, doing my imitation of Edward Scissorhands and NOT ONCE did I cut the extension cord. Not once, I tell you! The bushes look great with their new fashionable trim. I even pulled out two dead bushes (which were both hidden behind two larger bushes!) and a live one that was very poorly placed right in front of another bush. I don't know who did the landscaping layout when this house was built five years ago, but they sucked! We really need to tear it all out and start over, but that's just not in the budget this year and maybe not even next. In that case, me and my hedgetrimmer will be at it again this fall and next spring!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Wow, what a weekend!

Friday we started off bright and early for Children's Hospital for Sous Chef to have eye surgery to correct an eye muscle disorder. He did great and is recovering nicely. His eyes are quite bloodshot, but that is also starting to improve. I had prepared him well for not being able to eat the morning of his surgery since he hates missing meals. I told him we would get up at midnight the night before and I would fix him breakfast. Unfortunately, we both slept through and he was rather disgruntled that we had missed our midnight meal. The only other major difficulty was getting the eye drops in his eyes the day of and the day after surgery since it hurt him to open his eyes. Mid-day Saturday he was opening his eyes "full time" and the eye drops have become a simple activity for him! He even reminds us when it's time. He went to school today with his sunglasses to help with the light sensitivity and to keep from "freaking out my friends".

On Saturday, Big E had a slumber party to celebrate his 11th birthday. We took everyone to play disc golf at the new disc golf course. I am fairly sure the kids and Motorcycle Guy spent more time in the woods searching out the discs than they did actually playing on the course. They had fun though and it was a first for Big E's friends. The rest of the evening went well, though there were two boys who I would have liked to put in the corner for most of the evening as they acted in a way that made it necessary to constantly keep my eye on them and frequently remind them not to do things (like explode a juice bag underneath the garage door as it came down). I am not used to constantly having to watch Big E or most of his friends and I found it quite irritating. At one point, Big E was so upset by the two of them that he came upstairs to tell us they were out of control and he started to cry, which is very unlike him. It was funny to hear all the boys talk about the kids and teachers at school. One boy even told me "we are gossiping" and in so many ways it reminded me of the slumber parties of my youth! They were all out by about 1:00 with the exception of two boys (one of the troublemakers) and by then they were just talking in the dark. Big E complained off and on that he did not feel well, but I thought he was just upset by the poor behavior of the two friends.

Sunday we went bowling with my family to celebrate Big E's and my dad's birthday. On our way into the parking lot of the bowling alley, the following takes place:

Big E: "I feel worse right now than I have all weekend."
Big E: "I think I am going to throw up."
Me: "Hold on, I am pulling into a space!" as I look in the mirror and see him covering his mouth.
Me: "Get out! Get out!" as I am hitting buttons to open every door on the van because I am not sure which is the quickest and easiest way out for him from the very back seat.
Big E: "bleck" all between the two seats in the middle section of the van. He then managed to get out and finish up in the parking lot.

Big E is home from school today.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Big E!

Tonight at 9:02pm, Big E turns 11! ELEVEN! On the 17th day of being overdue, after two weeks of non-stress tests and ultrasounds and an estimate of an 11 lb.12 oz. baby in my belly on the final ultrasound, I woke up and knew "this is it." I was not in pain, but I had an odd feeling of pressure I had not experienced before. I lounged on the couch, read and watched TV for a short while. I finally went take a shower and get ready so I would at least look and smell half way decent for part of the labor. I woke up Motorcycle Guy and called our doula. We then made the drive from the NE part of the city to the hospital downtown. It was a long drive - only 17 miles or so, but IT WAS A LONG DRIVE! Overall, things went well. Lots of pain and therefore an epidural. We had Steve and Oz hanging out with us, along with our doula. We watched the Kentucky Derby and even have it on our video from the day. Steve left to go to a derby party and came back - still no baby. Motorcycle Guy shooed off the nurses who tried to tell me I could not have the juice or applesauce that I wanted. It was the best grape juice ever! Then it was time. Oz hung professionally over the shoulder of my doctor. I remember saying, "Dr. Smith, if he is bothering you, just tell him to back off." Dr.'s response was, "He's fine, this happens a lot." Big E was posterior and had not turned during labor. With quite a bit of work from the doctor and his forceps, about 11 hours after checking in to the hospital, Big E turned and he made his exit. Though it sounds smooth, some of it was a little more intense than that. Due to the amount of meconium in the amniotic fluid, my doctor wanted a neonatologist there. That doctor, however, was playing golf and his office had a hard time tracking him down. Also, because it was difficult getting Big E turned, the anesthesiologist was there and OR was ready for me in case of a last minute C-section. Just as things starting getting crazy, in walks the the neonatologist and Big E was born at 9:02pm weighing in at 10 lbs. 4 oz. without a C-section. We have on video the nurses weighing him the first time, looking at me, weighing him again and the only word that came out of their mouths was "Jesus". Big E was 17 days late and 10.4. When I was born I was 17 days late and weighed 10.8. Oz and Steve stood in silence. Oz finally said, "that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." Motorcycle Guy and I were thrilled to have our first baby boy, healthy and large, with us to hold.

Happy Birthday, Big E.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


For a man who wants to see the black community be treated more equally, he sure isn't doing much to make that happen. I think it's time for the Reverend Jeremiah Wright to shut up. How can he say he wants equality when he is bringing down the one man who can help make that happen? A man he has been personally involved with for numerous years - he performed the marriage of the Obama's and baptized their children. Now he seems to be doing everything in his power to make sure Senator Obama doesn't succeed. I have a variety of opinions of why he is doing this - he enjoys the spotlight too much, he gets more attention by being negative than he does by being supportive, he's just plain stupid, and/or he really believes he "speaks for the black community and church." I have seen enough other black Americans, including pastors of all black churches, clearly state "HE DOES NOT SPEAK FOR ME OR ANY OTHER BLACK PERSON I KNOW." So sad that he brings down an entire race by automatically assuming and announcing he speaks for and represents black Americans. I am sure there are many people who agree with him, but I also believe there are many more who don't.