Monday, April 28, 2008

Oh so exciting - NOT!

There is just not much going on here. Our HS students have gone home. We had fun with them and Big E especially was thrilled because they enjoyed playing Wii AND frisbee in the back yard. He got his wish!

The weather is cool after having beautiful, sunny 80 degree days last week. It's barely in the 50's today and cloudy. So last week, unseasonably warm, early this week unseasonably cool. Later this week we should be back to normal in the mid 60's. You know it's slow here when I have to talk about the daily weather - no storms or earthquakes, just plain weather.

Sous Chef is having eye surgery on Friday. I expect all will go well and he should be back to his usual self in time to go to school on Monday.

I talked to my best friend today about grammar and accents. I HATE it when people use bad grammar - either when speaking or writing. I REALLY hate it when papers come home from school with grammatical mistakes, misspellings, etc. I go on the assumption that it was just a mistake and is not a reflection of the knowledge of the people teaching my children. I do believe that, but it still drives me nuts. Of course, while writing this and correcting my errors as I go, I realize that I also make these same mistakes. When I read back over some of the stuff I write and see an error, I shake my head and hope no one noticed. Then if I have time, I go back and correct it! It's bad to drive yourself nuts (I prefer to blame my craziness on others) and that's what happens when I find my own writing mistakes.

I think the spiders are back. I have killed several little black ones wondering if they are the offspring of those big hairy black ones I took on last year. Then, last night, I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up about midnight and saw something moving QUICKLY across the floor. I turned on the light, said something along the lines of "SHIT" and got a shoe and took out that spider. I am fairly sure he was running in the dark of night because it heard about what kind of spider hater I am. All I can say is "oh my, help me through this spider season!" I may have to call and exterminator.

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