Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Oh shit!

Sous Chef has been watching some videos on YouTube, mainly Pikmin, which is a Pokemon character. You would think most of these would be child friendly, being Pikmin is a child's cartoon character. It's important to always remember, though, that some people making videos, even with a child based character, don't always have the best interest of children in mind. One of the videos has the character using the word "shit." Once this came to Motorcycle Guy's attention, he told Sous Chef he is no longer permitted to watch YouTube without prior permission and a parental screening of the video. The fact that Sous Chef was hearing the word "shit" was not really a huge ordeal. He's heard it before, he'll hear it again, but it just reminded us we need to be more vigilant of what is on the 'net. The funny part of this story is the conversation between me and Sous Chef regarding these videos.

Sous Chef: Dad said I can't watch YouTube anymore unless I ask a parent first.

Me: Really?

Sous Chef: One of the Pikmin videos was using bad words.

Me: What words?

Sous Chef: Well, one of the words you say a lot.

Me: What's that? (Though I already knew the answer.)

Sous Chef: "Oh shit."

Me: Yeah, I do say that a lot.

I can't really quote what Motorcycle Guy said during this conversation because I don't remember, but if it's like any other conversation around my bad language, it was something along the lines of: "Mom needs to watch her language, she talks like a truck driver sometimes. Just because you hear her say it, doesn't mean it's ok for you to say." Ok, he may not have made the "truck driver" comment, THIS time anyway, but that is the general version of him critiquing my potty mouth.

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