Friday, April 18, 2008

Little Eartquakes

For the second time in my life, I experienced a small tremor due to an earthquake whose epicenter was hundreds of miles away. The first time was when I was in junior high (or maybe high school) and I was sitting in my room doing my hair at my dressing table. The mirror started shaking and it really freaked me out. I ran out of my room and as I was running down the hall, I heard my mom say to me "get off the back of my chair." She thought I was balancing on the chair rung, causing her chair to move. Our neighbor, who was sitting across from my mom was looking very odd, as I was not on the chair and she couldn't figure out why hers had moved, too. My dad came in from outside and between us, we thought maybe there had been a plane crash that caused the earth to shake since we only lived about five miles from the airport. In the end, it was indeed a tremor due to a quake miles and miles away. I honestly don't remember where the epicenter was.

This morning, I felt another one. It was not as strong as I remember that first one. This epicenter was in the Salem, IL area, about 300 miles from where I live. It was about 5:35am, I was laying on the couch (a result of being a poor sleeper at times) and I had the TV on. I was "asleep" - at least my 5:35am version of sleep, which is somewhere between not fully awake, but not in REM sleep either. I felt the movement and thought "Oh, the cat just jumped on the bed." Then I thought, "Wait, we don't have a cat." I opened my eyes and looked around to see if Motorcycle Guy or one of our kiddos was near by that would have caused some kind of movement. Then I chuckled and thought, "Maybe it was an earthquake" but really thinking "it's all in my head." I fell back to sleep and when I woke up about an hour later and they were indeed talking about it on the news and confirmed an earthquake in Illinois near the southeast IL/IN border. Too funny.

Here is the story if you would like to read it. I had to crack up at the title, because while it was a tremor and we don't feel them too often around here, so of course it's a big deal, the title is a little misleading by saying "Earthquake Rocks the Tri-State." Having a good friend who has lived in LA most of our adult lives and has received at least one phone call from me over the years to confirm she is alive and well after life threatening earthquakes and having my best friend live in LA for about a year in the past, I can guarantee, what we experienced did not "rock" the tri-state. It was, however, still exciting for me to feel the tremor!

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