Thursday, April 24, 2008

I would have guess 1990 ... or after

Last night I was playing at the park with CJ while Sous Chef had baseball practice. CJ made friends with a little boy and they played the entire time together. While I was pushing CJ on the swing, the little boy's parents came over to push their son. I ended up talking with them for a while and found out the husband graduated from a HS in a different suburb of the same city I grew up in. So we chatted about that and he mentioned he graduated in 1988. I told him I graduated in 1986. He looked shocked for a moment and then said, "I would have never guessed you are older than me. I would guessed you graduated in 1990 .... or probably even after that. I certainly thought you were younger than me." it good to be flattered that you look like a THIRTY SIX YEAR OLD instead of the forty year old that you are?

Our high school students arrive this evening for the student council conference. Big E is super excited to have some older boys in the house and is already planning Wii competitions with them. I have tried to explain they really aren't here for hours at a time and they may just want to rest when they are here. I think all he hears is "I am SURE they will want to play hours on the Wii and then run outside with you to play baseball and disc golf!"

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