Tuesday, April 22, 2008

High school boys

Starting Thursday, we will have two high school boys staying with us for a few days. They will be attending the 55th Annual Ohio Association of Student Councils State Conference at our high school. Over 700 middle and high school students from around Ohio will be attending. One of our students is from Columbus area and the other is from the Akron area. The one student is a Freshman, so I think the other one will be, too, but I don't know for sure. I spoke with one of the families last night and they seemed relieved to hear from the family their son would be staying with. I have not had a chance to speak with the other family yet. Most of the time with the students is spent in the car shuffling them back and forth, but they will be here for a few hours Thursday night and a few hours Friday night before going home on Saturday morning.

Big E and Sous Chef are excited to have boys coming to stay with us. The last time we hosted a student for a week, it was a girl. I hope in the not too distant future to be able to host a foreign exchange student for the school year!

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