Thursday, April 3, 2008


While we were in New Orleans, CJ came down with a pretty bad cold. My parents kept him home from swimming lessons and school, as he just wasn't himself - laying around a lot, napping, coughing a lot, being stuffy, etc. Yesterday, he seemed fine. He had a runny nose and a cough, but that was all. We went about our day, going to playgroup and out to lunch (maybe I should have foreshadowed what was to come when he only ate chips and salsa for his lunch). We did take a nap, which is not unusual for him, or me. Later in the day, we were driving home from dropping off Big E at a friend's house. Out of nowhere, he starts vomitting profusely. I have never seen so much vomit come out of one person. Sous Chef was in the van, gagging, choking and saying to himself, "look away, Sous Chef, just look away!" Of course, looking in the other direction didn't drown out the sound or hamper the smell, so Sous Chef kept on gagging. I got home, made him undress in the driveway and immediately put him in the shower. While he showered, I took off the car seat cover and along with his clothes and the cover under the car seat to protect the adult seat, off I went to the water hose to at least wash off the chunks before throwing it all in the washer - for three rinse cycles and then a full wash. In hot water.

Once we got settled in the house, I told CJ if he has to get sick again, to go to the toilet. His response was, "yes, next time I need to, I'll go choke in the toilet." Today, he has had one major rectal blowout in the toilet. When I said, "it looks like you have diarhhea now" he responded with, "yes, that's why my butt vomitted into the toilet." He's so cute.

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