Monday, April 7, 2008

Graeter's Ice Cream and Skyline Chili

Two things we really missed while living in Kansas were Graeter's and Skyline. Both are locally "famous." I love Graeter's, but since I am not an ice cream lover, I have never really cared much for other ice cream places. Basically, I went three years without eating much ice cream (except for the time my best friend sent six pints of Graeter's to us in Kansas. Then I went nuts eating ice cream!). I really missed Strawberry Chocolate Chip, which was a seasonal flavor of the month and at the time we left Ohio, it was offered only two months out of the year. We moved back in July of last year, to discover two things about Graeter's. They now offer their seasonal flavors/flavor of the month, for three months at a time! "Yahoo" was all I could think. The second thing we learned was that three month period ended in June. We were three days too late! So I have anxiously been awaiting April for the start of the three month period of strawberry chocolate chip ice cream. These are not your usual chips - they make Nestle's chocolate chips look so wimpy. These are chocolate chunks, similar to taking a Hershey's bar and breaking it up into large pieces. It is heaven. I went to the Graeter's by my house yesterday, along with a book. I sat and read and ate a DOUBLE scoop of my favorite ice cream. It was so good I had a hard time focusing on my book. Of course, I couldn't leave without buying a pint and some ice cream cones. Motorcycle Guy will enjoy what I don't devour first.

As for Skyline, I don't think any of us missed that more than Sous Chef. If there is any doubt how much this kid loves Skyline, check out the picture below! I'm fairly sure if his tongue were long enough, he would lick the extra off his face so there wasn't any chili going to waste. Notice he has some splashed on his forehead and just below his eye. There is also some still stuck in his teeth!

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