Saturday, April 5, 2008

Fifth Grade Social

I kept referring to this as a "dance" and was repeatedly corrected. I see now, why it is NOT a dance. I worked the concession stand last night at the fifth grade social. It was fun and I would do it again in a minute. The theme was "Under the Big Top" or something circus like and they had it decorated and had circus food - snacks, cotton candy, popcorn. They also had a juggling show, face painting, karaoke (yes, the kids DID do this) and other games. There was music, but no dancing. There must have been 200 kids there, if not more. I am amazed at the "status" items fifth graders have and I noticed it more with the girls - Coach and Dooney & Bourke purses, the clothes, shoes, haircuts ... the list goes on. While I am a total Coach whore, I didn't have my first Coach purse until I graduated from college! It is already so easy to see the kids personalities - jocks, punk rockers (there were a few mohawks "in the house" but only one that was long, spiky and tinted light blue), prissy girls, athletic girls - you get the picture. They were all very polite though, at least to us when they wanted a drink.

When we left, Big E's friend came home to stay all night at our house. They were in the back of the van talking. Big E asked the boy if he saw the juggling act. I couldn't help but bust out laughing with the response. He said, "NO WAY, I HATE clowns. I will never go to the circus. They totally FREAK me out and I stayed as far away from that juggler as I could." All of us thought it was funny, but he clearly didn't want anything to do with clowns. They were also in the back whispering about a girl that Spencer must like and had his picture taken with. I couldn't hear it all, but I did manage to hear "she was nervous. We were both nervous." I casually turned down the radio a little so I could hear better, but then they just talked lower.

Hhhhmmmmm....I'm going to have to check into that bionic ear.

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