Thursday, April 10, 2008

A City Mourns

Yesterday, our city watched as two local firefighters were laid to rest. The captain, Robin Broxterman, was the mother of two daughters and was engaged to be married. The firefighter, Brian Schira, who died with her, was only 29 years old. I watched a good deal of the funeral mass and then the graveside service on television. They estimated 1500+ people attended the mass at St. Peter in Chains Cathedral downtown and even more at Spring Grove Cemetery. The roads were closed from the funeral procession in Colerain Twp. all the way to the church and then from the church to the cemetery. Thousands of citizens and firefighters from across the nation lined the streets, Colerain schools closed for the procession. It was a beautiful and moving service and made me proud to live in a community so willing to support their neighbors.

Unfortunately, this scene will be played out again in about two weeks, when the remains of local soldier, Matt Maupin, return to the city and to his family. He was captured in Iraq four years ago after an attack on his convoy and his remains were recently located and identified and his family was notified last week.

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