Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to the dark ages!

I voted today - it's the Ohio primary which is a nail biter for the democtratic party! I love being a part of this and proudly cast my vote for Barack Obama this morning. When voting, the guy started telling me how to cast my ballot. I thought that was odd, I have been voting since I was 18 years old! Once he started talking, I realized I did not know what the hell he was talking about - fill in the circle with an ink pen and try to stay within the circle lines? Was he kidding? I thought this was how they voted just after they eliminated voting by "a show of hands." I actually had to ask a couple of questions, because I really could not believe he was telling me I would be filling in a bubble with an ink pen! I explained for the last couple of times I voted I had used electronic voting and this ink pen and bubble thing was a new way to vote for me. He asked me where I was voting prior to this. Then he explained Ohio had electronic voting but there were some problems with it. I had read about that since moving back here. Between the hanging chad issue in the 2000 election and the electronic voting issue recently, I guess Ohio decided to go back to the "old, old" way of doing things. It's amazing that there were fraud issues/concerns with electronic voting - people spend millions of dollars each year via credit cards, online banking, we file confidential income tax returns via the net, etc. and the voting folks of Ohio can't figure out how to make electronic voting safe? Personally, I think having a ballot that someone is going to feed into a counting machine of some kind and they can see my vote is a little unsafe. How hard is it to "misplace" my ballot and never have it counted if they decide they don't like the way a person voted? I did have to feed my ballot into this machine that counts the number of ballots submitted and I assume locks them in there, but still. Anyway, I was the 74th voter this morning for that "machine." There were three or four other machines and I don't know what their count was up to. I should have checked. I don't know exactly how many people vote at my voting station, but if 200-300 people had voted by 9:30AM and that continues, I would say that is pretty good.

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