Monday, March 3, 2008

The Weekend

Friday we went to the local Friday Fish Fry. Being that I didn't grow up Cahtolic and have to give up meat on Fridays, I had never been to a fish fry at a church. Motorcycle Guy, growing up in a Polish-Catholic community, was shocked, as this was old hat for him, though it's been years since he attended one considering he gave up Catholicism as soon as his parents stopped forcing him to church.

Saturday I shopped. For me. Need I say more?

Sunday, Sous Chef, CJ and I went to church. (I wore a new blouse from the Saturday shopping trip.) I didn't realize they don't have Sunday School at the service time we attended, so I talked the nursery into taking CJ, even though he's officially too old. Sous Chef always chooses to go the the service with us and not go to Sunday School, so this was a non-issue for him. He seems to really enjoy going with us. He knows all of the responses, he loves to sing and he usually sings pretty loud - the hymns, the responses, the prayers, the Alleluia - he sings it all. It makes me teary eyed. He loves communion as well, and always chooses grape juice over wine. He even sits still and listens, though I can tell when the pastor has gone on too long because Sous Chef gets wiggly. Thank goodness for children's programs to keep him busy when that happens!

Motorcycle Guy took Big E to baseball practice. Motorcycle Guy is helping with the team this year.

We have friends from Kansas coming to visit! These friends will be our second set of Kansas friends to visit since we moved back to Ohio. The adults will be heading out to dinner and we have a sitter for the six kids. YIKES! She may bring a friend to come along for reinforcement. I know I would!

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