Friday, March 7, 2008

In like a lamb, out like a lion

Mother Nature is certainly messed up this year. We had 50 plus degree weather in December and now that's it's March, we are having the biggest snow storm of the year. In fact, it is officially going to be a BLIZZARD, with the required winds and wind gusts that give a snow storm the term BLIZZARD. We are expected to get 11-15 inches of snow during this 36 hour snowstorm. OH MY!
Misty, NIck and their three kids were here from Kansas, arriving Wednesday late and staying until today. They are now in northern KY to attend a wedding. That poor bride. I am sure when she planned a March wedding, she was not expecting to be at risk for a cancelation or no one attending due to a BLIZZARD! I wish them well and hope that all the services involved are able to do their work (church, reception hall, florist, caterers, baker, etc. etc.).

Here's a picture of me and Misty. I'm still trying to master the new haircut. I think this will be an ongoing process and could take a while!

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