Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I could, but I won't

I could take this entire blog to go on about how Ohio, in all it's ridiculousness, was unprepared for the number of voters voting on the Democratic ticket in yesterday's primary. I could go on about how could they possibly have not known that many Repbulicans would cross over to vote for the Democratic candidate who was least likely to beat John McCain. I could go on about how it would be the best strategy to do that (albeit, a little cowardly, not having enough confidence in your candidate without putting up the weaker, in my opinion, Democratic candidate to run against him in the national election), considering McCain was clearly going to be the Republican candidate - even before the Ohio and other primaries yesterday.
But I won't.Instead, I would like to talk about my hair.

I have a new do! For the last almost 1.5 years, I have been growing out my hair from a short pixie cut to a long (for me), stacked bob. However, it had lost all its oomph and I really needed to do something to change things up a bit. I had grown out my bangs, always knowing I would have them back. My face is not made to be bang free. Anyway, I tried a new stylist and this is what I have now. This is only the second day of styling it, so I hope it gets better as I become more coordinated with a hair dryer and a round brush. I only need the flat iron for a few small touch ups, but other than that, the hair dryer and the round brush are my new best friends in regards to my hair.

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