Monday, March 10, 2008

Hair, hair and more hair

Ok, I might be getting the hang of this new do. Here is yesterday's picture:

Pictures look so much better when it's not me trying to photograph myself. Motorcycle Guy says this is his favorite haircut in a while. However, since it's basically been through hell during the grow out phase, the hairstyle competition is not too tough.

Here's today's picture. I colored it this morning. It's darker than I wanted, but hey, it'll do. Unfortunately, it's not in my budget to get it done professionally. If it were, it would be a version of blond with really funky/cool highlights. Maybe in the future, right after my next treatment of Botox and Restylane, since that wore off a few months ago! Also, the pictures are not doing the hair justice. It's impossible to see the fullness of my hair, the layers and the way it's laying in these two dimensional photos. When I look in the mirror and then look at the pictures, I see almost two different hairstyles. If I saw the one in the pictures in the mirror, I would be tempted to scream and cry. I took a side shot to try to get some of the 3D image on film.Yes, I know I have the same sweater on as yesterday's photo. I was only dressed yesterday long enough to take Sous Chef to urgent care - he has strep throat. The rest of the day I was in my pj's. I figured since I had the sweater on for all of 1.5 hours yesterday, it was ok to wear it again today!

Other than that, we are still somewhat buried in the almost 13 inches of snow we got this weekend. It was warming up yesterday and today it is in the high 40's so it's starting to melt. Unfortunately, we discovered the snow blew in around the dormer windows and now that it's melting, we have a couple of leaks. Bummer, easy to fix, but the small amount of damage is a pain in the ass.
Report cards came home last week - Sous Chef and Big E both got straight A's. Big E is especially thrilled, because he worked really hard to make this happen and it's a first for him. Sous Chef has received straight A's all this year. CJ also got a "report" card - he was able to do everything they require of a preschooler plus with his counting they had to stop him at 28. They only "test" counting to ten, but he kept going until they told him that he had counted far enough.

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