Friday, March 28, 2008

Great Wolf Lodge

We spent two days this week at the Great Wolf Lodge. This is the second Great Wolf Lodge we have been to. This one is newer and bigger than the one in Kansas, but is also extremely similar. The one difference was they have a water rollercoaster. Unlike a water slide, which uses height and gravity to slide you from the top of the slide to the bottom, the water rollercoaster is what it sounds like, a rollercoaster on water. You start at the top and go down, but then you go back up again and you can feel the water suck you UP the hill, but the water is flowing down. It's weird and even Motorcycle Guy, with his science/physics oriented mind, couldn't explain how it worked. Big E swears there is a conveyor belt that whips you back up the hills, but I didn't see it and I was looking very closely. Anyway, against all warnings posted, I rode it. Just once. It's fast and it even makes sounds similar to a traditional rollercoaster. It's fast, it's bumpy, it's curvy and I screamed a lot. I also prayed a lot - that I would not undo any previous surgery benefits. I was thrilled, as this is about the max of what my brain can handle, literally. They even had netting over the non-tunneled areas, I assume to keep you from flying off of the slide in the rare event you decide not to hold on to your raft OR that someone who shouldn't be riding the ride, ME, goes unconcsious flying up and down the hills and through the curves.

So on day two, when I realized I would survive the day one rollercoaster ride, I decided to ride the slide that my children, and many others, referred to as the "toilet bowl" slide. This was also not at the previous Great Wolf Lodge we went to. You ride on an innertube, we rode on one for two, and you go down a little hill, then you go careening STRAIGHT down (each time I rode this, which was twice, the only thing I could do at this point was say "uuuuggghhhh" as my guts were catapulted into my throat from the force of the drop) and then turn and are spat out into a large toilet bowl. You then go around the bowl until you are sucked into the exit tube, in my case, backwards both times, and down through the exit. It was so fun! I rode it tiwce, once with Sous Chef and once with Big E.

I also rode one other big slide which used a large round raft that held five people. It was only Big E and I, but it was fun. It was a smooth and slow ride. CJ was also big enough this year to ride some of the big slides. He was happy to be able to keep up with his brothers on a few of the slides. Some he was still too small for, though. Next year, maybe.

They also had a wave pool, which all three kids and Motorcycle Guy enjoyed. I spent a good day of the second day trying to stay dry. I can only stand that continuous wet/damp feeling for so long before I want to go screaming from the building. I am reminded of a couple things while at the Great Wolf Lodge: First: damn, I look good in a swimsuit. I do not say this lightly, as I have serious issues with my figure that need some major work! However, compared to about 80% of the general GWL population, I look better than I give myself credit for. I would guess of that 80% that I am comparing myself to, 50% of them were YOUNGER than me. I would hate to see them when they are 40 and have birthed another child or two. The second thing: Motorcycle Guy is afraid of getting man boobs.

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